• Markham Eye Doctor
    Our optometrists Dr. T. Minh Trinh, Dr. Winnie W. Wong and Dr. Rosanna Chui want to get back to basics: quality, patient-centered care. Our vision is to open a relaxed family friendly clinic where patients could learn about optometry and become proactive participants working towards a common goal being healthy eyesight..
  • Our Modern Office
    Our modern office is everything that you are looking for in an optometrists office. You can now get the best eye care possible all in one place. Whether you needing routine eye exams or special eye care you will be happy with the service that you will receive. Our modern office has everything that you would ever need and want including the latest optical equipment, latest fashion eyewear and designer sunglasses. If you are currently looking for a new eye doctor then you should definitely consider us. We guarantee that you will be more than happy with the service that you will receive.
  • Latest Optical Equipment
    Since we offer all of the latest optical equipment we are able to prevent and diagnosis any current eye conditions that you may have. Finding an eye doctor that is able to provide you with the eye care that you deserve at an affordable price then you will be more than satisfied with the service that you will receive here. Providing routine eye exams and any tests needed to provide you with the best outcome can easily be done with our latest optical equipment that we have. You will be more than satisfied with the optometrist care that you will receive.
  • Eyewear for Every Occasion
    Whether you are required by your eye doctor to wear eye glasses and contacts or just prefer to have the latest eyewear you will be happy with the selection that is available. You will have many different brands to choose from as well as eyewear for every occasion. You can find eyewear that will match your outfit for a special event or something more stylish that will go well with almost your entire wardrobe. Regardless of your budget and needs you will have access to eyewear for every occasion. If you have been looking for that one piece that will help tie your entire ensemble together look no further than the stylish eyewear that is available here.
  • Fashion Eyewear and Designer Sunglasses
    When you need glasses you may be overwhelmed with all of the choices that are available but eventually you will learn what works for you and what is needed to help simplify your life. You may require a normal pair of glasses but may also need sunglasses to help with any irritation to light or the sun. Depending on what exactly is wrong with your eyes you may be able to choose from several different stylish companies which will help to make choosing the perfect pair of eye glasses even easier.
  • Markham Eye Examination
    Think back to the last time that you had your eyes examined and you may realize it has been longer than expected. Now is the time for an eye examination especially if you have been experiencing in problems such as blurred vision, headaches, problems reading signs or text that is very close or far off. It could be possible that you need glasses or that your current prescription is no longer working for you. Regular eye exams help to keep your eyes healthy and to prevent them from getting worse by treating the problem as needed.

Your Full Family Eye Care Centre...
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At Heritage Eye Care we are committed to communication, education and the service of helping our clients achieve and maintain a long life of healthy eyesight.

With You & Your Family In Mind, Our Office Provides:

  • Convenience, Comfort & Care - our modern office is located close to home and there is always ample parking. Our goal is to provide each client with the best care and service in a relaxed environment.
  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations - along with providing the right prescription to help you see your best, we also ensure your eyes are healthy. An eye check up is recommended every year as the health of your eyes directly impacts your overall quality of life.
  • Eyewear For Every Occasion - our office features a wide selection of frames to suit your looks and specific needs. We also carry prescription sunglasses, sport eyewear, safety eyewear and contact lenses.


* Eye exams for children under 20 and adults over the age of 64 are covered by OHIP.

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